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Mitchie A.-Homeowner

I have never met and worked with a Realtor like Joyce Chiu. I have nothing but superlative praises for her excellence, professionalism, customer/client service,. Joyce is very thorough & detailed. She was with us from start to finish. She always makes herself available even at short notice in the midst of all her myriad of tasks. She is absolutely very knowledgeable in all aspects of her work which made us very confident, at ease, stress-free. She has an abundance of patience with all our unending questions. We can feel that she was very sincere in all our dealings with her. She does the processing without any snags. She is very devoted to her work - very hard-working. But inspite of all these, she always manages to give you a smile making the client feel - Do not worry. I will take care of this. And she did! We are very thankful to have an Agent like Joyce Chiu & will not hesitate to recommend her to all our relatives/friends who are in need of a Realtor.

Patrick O'Malley Atlanta Realtor

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