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Chad C.-Seller

Joyce and I have been friends for a few years now, and it's always tough letting business and friendship mesh together. Long story short, my wife and I had two other Realtors list our property in the last year prior to putting our faith and our listing where it should have been from the beginning. They both failed in selling our property, so we turned to Joyce and had complete faith in her knowledge and tenacity to sell our property. She delivered; she sold our property quickly and took care of us too many ways to list on this review. Joyce absorbed much of the stress that comes along with selling a house...and she did so without us was just Joyce being Joyce. She is absolutely fantastic and a godsend to me, my wife and our family. She helped us in a time where we needed it the most! Thank you so much Joyce for all that you do, especially what you did for our family in a time of need! Forever grateful...thank you!

Patrick O'Malley Agente inmobiliario de Atlanta

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